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Answers to the latest DNB Orthopaedics question papers in crisp exam friendly format dnb orthopaedic theory exam question papers 2021 march useful for MS orthopaedics too

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    Answers to the latest DNB Orthopaedics question papers in crisp exam friendly format.

    Answers will be updated one by one in the course from Sunday 11 July as e notes

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    Questions proposed to be covered

    1. Describe the stabilizers of the shoulder joint. Elaborate on the clinical tests for the instability of shoulder joint.
    2. Classify surgical site infection (SSI).
    3. How will you manage SSI detected on fifth post-operative day after plate osteosynthesis?
    4. Describe morphology of articular cartilage and changes that occur in articular cartilage in osteoarthritis.
    5. Define bone remodeling.
    6. Distinguish between osteoporosis and osteopenia
    7. Explain management protocol of osteoporotic vertebral fracture with a flow chart
    8. Describe the pathogenesis and management of gout
    9. Define neurogenic shock following spinal cord injury. Discuss in detail about the clinical methods to diagnose the level of spinal cord injury.
    10. What is fat embolism syndrome? Discuss the clinical features, investigations, diagnosis and management of fat embolism syndrome.
    11. What are the methods of doing biopsy from a suspected neoplastic lesion?
    12. Mention the histo-pathological features of osteosarcoma
    13. Describe the pre-requisites for limb salvage surgery in a malignant Tumour
    14. Describe hygiene policies for prevention of viral infection in Orthopaedic practice. Describe the management of needle-stick Injuries
    15. Transfusion mismatch
    16. Giant cell
    17. Trendelenburg’s test
    18. Discuss Denis 3 column stability concept in spinal injuries
    19. Describe patho-anatomy of flexion rotation injuries in lumbar spine
    20. Discuss role of High Tibial Osteotomy in osteoarthritis of Knee.
    21. Compare its indication, outcomes, advantages, disadvantages with
    22. Uni-Compartment Knee Arthroplasty in Medial Compartment osteoarthritis.
    23. General Principle of Arthrodesis24. Indications & disadvantages of Plantar Arthrodesis
    25. What is neglected fracture neck of the femur. How will you classify these injuries in adults? Enumerate various reconstructive surgical procedures recommended for such fractures. Describe the preoperative planning, and steps of valgus osteotomy
    26. Enumerate various round cell tumors of bone. How will you treat a case of Ewing tumor arising from lower end of the femur in a 15 year old boy?
    27. Describe indications, advantages & disadvantages of Latarjet procedure in shoulder instability
    28. What is hinged abduction? Describe its management principles in Perthes disease in an adolescent (16 years old)?
    29. Describe pathoanatomy of Lisfranc’s injury. What are its key radiological signs on a plane radiograph? Describe management in a chronic Lisfranc injury?
    30. Four column Classification in Proximal Tibia Fracture
    31. Raft Screw in Proximal Tibial fixation.
    32. Classify Periprosthetic fractures of hip. Outline their management
    33. Hospital / Biomedical Waste Disposal Management
    34. Needle stick injuries
    35. Advance trauma life support (ATLS) concept.
    36. Principles of ATLS in management of polytrauma
    37. Tile’s classification of pelvic injuries
    38. Principles of treating Tile’s Type B injury
    39. Frozen section in Orthopaedics.
    40. Extracorporeal irradiation in bone tumors
    41. Management of compartment syndrome in Proximal Tibia Fracture
    briefly.Describe steps of Lobenhoffer approach
    42. Classify gunshot injuries. Discuss management of gunshot injury to thigh with fracture shaft femur in an adult
    43. Tension pneumothorax
    44. Triage
    45. Describe various methods to provide soft tissue cover for bare proximal tibia & knee joint
    46. Describe incomplete traumatic spinal cord syndromes and their clinical features. What is ASIA classification?
    47. Role of pre-operative embolization of blood vessels in Orthopaedic surgery. Illustrate with examples.
    48. Uses of biological adhesives in Orthopaedics
    49. Meniscus transplantation
    50. What is 3D printing? What are the steps of creating a 3D print?
    51. Mention some important uses of this technology in Orthopaedics with examples
    52. Principles of cementless acetabular implantation
    53. Describe the safe zones of acetabular screw placement
    54. What are the important steps in cementless implantation in Protrusio Acetabuli?
    55. Remplissage procedure
    56. Induced membrane technique in Orthopaedics
    57. Disc replacement surgery
    58. Navigation in spine surgery
    59. Describe concept of metaphyseal sleeve and cone in total knee Replacement
    60. Describe the method of preparing platelet rich plasma (PRP). Describe indications of PRP in musculoskeletal disorders
    61. Enumerate the causes of acquired flat foot in adults. Outline its management in brief
    62. Blood conservation strategies in major Orthopaedic surgeries
    63. Role, mechanism of action and recommended dose of Tranexamic Acid
    64. Role of Interventional Radiology in Orthopaedics.

I am a former student of Dr prashant...the man who reformed me from nothing in orthopaedics to everything in orthopaedics...a great teacher, moderator....supporter...of lifetime He's a kind of person who always strives for the wellbeing of students academically and personally Not just he helped me with academics but taught a lot about life lessons......I'm glad to b a student of him..and ll b glad to work under him always....
Dr.Parakala Mahesh Kumar
MBBS,MS Ortho,Senior Resident,SVRRGGH Tirupati
Dr. Prashant Madan Mohan is an inspiring orthopaedic surgeon. The passion he has for his work and teaching is amazing. I did my internship in the unit under him. His positivity is infectious. He has given me the motivation I needed to take the next step toward my dream of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon. I am sure he will keep motivating and inspiring many students through his books.
Dr.Nivedha A.
MS Orthopaedics,Tagore Medical College
Such an amazing teacher who puts behind a lot of efforts for guiding young orthopaedicians in different examinations. His previous books on passing Theory and practical examinations were such success for helping many to pass their Examinations. This book for NEET SS and FNB is the most comprehensive and yet concise compilation of orthopaedic mcqs for postgarduates. I would like to congratulate Dr Prashanth for creating such book. Best wishes sir.
MBBS,MS Ortho Senior Resident Department of orthopaedics ESIC medical college, SR Nagar , Hyderabad
During my residency days as a MS student, I trained extensively under Dr. Prashant. It is truly an inestimable experience to have worked under such a skilled clinician and an accomplished surgeon. Dr. Prashant has always taken an extremely keen interest in instilling knowledge amongst his juniors in a very selfless manner. He’s helped a variety of aspiring undergraduate and postgraduate students to reach their goals. This has been made possible through his Teaching courses, academic study material and his various study groups on platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. Thank you sir.
Senior Resident in department of Orthopedics. Sir Gangaram hospital, New Delhi
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    Thanks for these gems of answers sir! I could’nt find them anywhere.

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    DNB Orthopaedics 2021 Question Answers Q&A
    DNB Orthopaedics 2021 Question Answers Q&A


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