DNB Practical exam 2023 dates announced

DNB/DrNB Final Practical Exam, April 2023 session
having OSCE component

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Sub: Schedule of DNB/DrNB Final Practical Exam, April 2023 session having OSCE component – req.
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Kind attention: All applicants for DNB/DrNB Final Practical Exam, April 2023 session

  1. National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) announces the schedule of DNB/DrNB Practical Exam for April 2023 session wherein the practical exam shall be having OSCE component.
  2. DNB/DrNB tg
    W tl/The scheme of examination for DNB/DrNB Final
    Practical Exam having OSCE component for April-2023 session is as follows:-
    Exam component Description Marks
    Virtual OSCE 20 OSCE stations of 5 marks each of 4 min duration each 100
    Clinical case 2 clinical case examinations of 50 marks each 100
    Ward rounds 4 Ward rounds of 10 marks each as relevant for the specialty 40
    Viva voce 4 viva voce stations of 15 marks each per viva station 60
    TOTAL 300

The concerned candidates will be able to download their
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admit cards from their Online Exit Examination Portal (OEEP) account as and
when DNB/DrNB Practical centres are notified.

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